Our vision

At Independent Electronic Sports we propose a new way to operate in the field of esport. An independent approach, powered by data, information and human intuition. We provide our customers and partners with the information they need to make informed choices in a changing and highly dynamic market.



We innovate

Esports are constantly evolving, so we are constantly updating our definitions and classifications using all the tools at our disposal - human, technological and relationships. We offer the most up-to-date analysis tool and key to understand the esports ecosystem thanks to our continuous research and development.

Common rules underpin any set of activities identified by the same name, and esports is no exception to this paradigm. This is why Independent Electronic Sports is proposing its own set of independent rules for esports. The proposed rules will give a more precise picture of what activities can be defined as esports and how these activities should best be carried out.

Consulting and research.


Paolo Blasi

More than ten years of experience at the service of those involved in esports.


Independent Electronic Sports is an innovative and dynamic company operating in the esport scene. Its strength is its people who, through experience and intuition, interpret the data of a dynamic and constantly growing market.

The challenges posed by esport-related activities are met with continuous research in the sector. Research is a fundamental activity for any company operating in an evolving and continuously reshaping sector.

Consultancy and research are our offer for companies and professionals who operate or would like to operate in the export sector.