What we offer

We promote a global and sustainable vision of esports in the world. All our services are based on decades of experience in competitive and training gaming activities. The collaborative culture and analysis of data and information is the guide for our choices. In a young and extremely dynamic sector, we offer our customers and partners a unique vision for making informed choices.

We offer tools for companies, governments and professionals to make choices from the current to the future e-sports market to follow and guide its development. Our commitment is not limited to the global vision of esports but wants to be a credible player in a conscious development of the market itself. E-sports are a set of still undefined activities and to follow the future development of these activities we provide the public with the independent standard of technical regulation which is an important key to understand possible developments.

Our services

Strategic planning

We offer an assessment of business development and strategies in relation to the development of the esports market.

Relationships and intermediation

We take care of international relations between the different stakeholders of the esport ecosystem: federations, publishers, tournament organisers, communities and teams.

Development of competitive events

We organise and manage events related to esports competitions by providing an activity development project.


Market research

Our activities are always backed up by detailed market knowledge and research that supports the development of our offer.

International relations

We cultivate international relations with major esports players and sports federations in order to promote synergies and new development opportunities.

Competitive activities

We advise on the organisation and management of e-sports competition events also for virtual sports.