We set the standard

In an extremely dynamic and ever-changing sector such as e-sports, we help define a standard as a key to orientation. Our commitment to defining the standard passes through research and analysis as development tools.

The path to defining the standard will also allow us to obtain tangible results by offering a clear and precise picture of all the players in the e-sports ecosystem. In this way, the standard contributes to the dissemination of the competitive video game culture through a greater dissemination of the concepts behind e-sports.

Our services


We offer study and research services in order to improve the activities of companies operating in the e-sports ecosystem.


We offer analysis and insight into all aspects of esports.


We offer analysis and insight into all aspects of esports.


Public standard

We offer public documentation so that competitive video-ludic activities can be clearly understood and defined.


We look to research to make a significant and sustainable contribution to the development of esports.


We encourage the development of collaborative research networks in order to promote research and its spread.