Start or improve your career

Training is one of the basic elements of esport and our task is to provide the best possible preparation for all the main professionals in the esport ecosystem. The training programmes are designed by instructors who have been involved in coaching for several years.

The training takes place online or live, with interaction between the trainer and the trainee, so that the training course can be reviewed and the trainee's progress assessed. Training programmes usually include several subjects and several trainers in order to provide as complete a picture as possible of the professional activity to be undertaken.

Not only do we provide you with the tools you need to start your professional activity, but we also provide you with useful contacts so that you can start your professional career as quickly as possible. The training also includes the issuing of certificates both in paper format (for online courses the certificate is sent to your home address) and with the issuing of certificates on blockchain. With the latter, we make it possible to uniquely verify the certification on the Internet.

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The training as an agent includes an overview of the esports ecosystem and a certificate to act as an intermediary.


The training has no pre-requisites and allows you to start your competitive career in esports. In addition to the course, contacts will be made with national and international teams.


Online courses

Many courses can be done online and therefore from home. Study materials will be provided digitally and during the courses themselves.

Limited number of places

The training courses will have a limited number of participants, allowing the instructors to focus on the training of each individual trainee.

Instructors with many years of experience

The instructors who will provide the training have long experience in the subject matter they are explaining and have been training for several years.