The professional of video game competitions

An esports athlete can be defined as a person who plays video games in competitions and makes this activity his or her profession. esports are becoming increasingly popular and there is much talk of their forthcoming development as a sporting discipline. The inclusion in the Asian Games as an official sport, starting in 2022, with medals and prize money, has officially cleared the taboo of sports recognition of the esport athlete. However, not all video gamers are defined as esport athletes: the main difference with a video gamer is that an esport athlete is not a 'casual' gamer but a video gamer who has mastered one, or a few, video games such that his or her skill makes him or her suitable to compete for a prize money.

There are a number of competitions in which an esports athlete can participate, most notably those organised by video game publishers. These competitions are often the most renowned ones, given the publishers' interest in supporting the growth of the video game in question. In addition to publishers, the already mentioned local, national and international sports organisations are increasingly organising competitive circuits.

When we talk about work, we are also talking about salaries for players and teams. In most cases, esports professionals have regular salaries of between $3,000 and $5,000 per month, in hot countries like China and the US. High-level players can earn much more, up to $15,000 for a single competition plus bonuses. Some teams also offer their players benefits such as health insurance and retirement plans. In addition to salary, esports professionals can also have part of the prize money won in a competition, which in some cases can reach or even exceed $200,000 for a single tournament. Additional forms of income are sponsorship, streaming (via platforms such as twitch or youtube) and the rights to reproduce one's image.

The possibility of participating in esports competitions and the increasing number of competitors increases the skill required to reach the podium and thus to win. For this reason, it is becoming increasingly important to specialise and train properly at a time that does not involve several years of training, as is the case for the majority of self-taught professionals. The best training in the field of esports is certainly that which can be obtained within esports companies, but in order to gain access, given the competition, it is necessary to have a solid foundation.

For these reasons, Independent Electronic Sports has developed specific training courses for those who want to start their career as an esports athlete. Our esports athlete course is intended for those who are just starting out or are new to esports and wish to start their career effectively and within a reasonable timeframe. The course is structured by coaches and consists of two modules (basic and advanced) of 120 hours each, with a weekly activity of 10 hours and live lessons. Theory, practice and psychological aspects (by psychologists or mental coaches) are the subjects that will be offered during the course. These are not video courses, in which the trainee will have to learn passively, but training with an experienced instructor who will follow your path and correct you where necessary. During the six months of training, a basic preparation will be offered that is necessary for anyone wishing to start a professional career in esports. At the end of the course, a paper certificate will be issued and you will be enrolled in the public register of esports athletes. The training will not only enable you to acquire the fundamental knowledge to start your professional career but, in the esports titles many players have, it will also be an opportunity to be part of a race-ready team at the end of the training!
A further important step towards the esports market is the training partnership programme. In this programme, Independent Electronic Sports brings together all associations and clubs interested in evaluating those who have undergone esports athlete training. The aim of the programme is to complete the training course by bringing the needs of those seeking and those with the skills as an esports athlete as close as possible.

With its 6-month training course and post-training opportunities, the esports athlete course is an unmissable opportunity for all those who really want to get involved and start their career in esports in the best possible way.